The Share Foundation: building an inheritance for young people in care

The Department for Education has appointed The Share Foundation to establish Junior ISAs for children and young people in care (known as 'Looked After'). We're responsible for:

  1. Opening their accounts with an initial Government contribution of £200;
  2. Ensuring that their accounts are properly operated and invested appropriately with a range of Junior ISA providers;
  3. Raising additional voluntary contributions by donation to build the value of their accounts (Contribute Now online, or click to print a donation form), or by money transferred by carers or local authorities to individual accounts (click to print a money transfer form); and
  4. Providing financial education to help ensure responsible use of the funds when the Junior ISAs mature at age 18.
The diagram below sets out the relationship between The Share Foundation and those involved, and our website is designed to provide easy access for each audience. Central co-ordination of the Junior ISA scheme means that we can reduce the administrative workload to a minimum and do our best to build up the value of funds held for young people in care.

Their inheritance relies on your generosity. If you have made provision for your own children and/or grandchildren, please contribute now for those    not so fortunate