Your age: 11-14

Try downloading: 'Making Your Money Work For You'    (also in Welsh)


The Government have contributed £200 for each eligible looked after young person in the country, which includes you.

The Share Foundation, a registered charity, has been authorised by the government to set up and manage all the Junior ISAs opened for looked after young people. The Share Foundation also helps to raise funds which it contributes to the Junior ISAs that it manages.

Who decides how to invest the money in a Junior ISA for looked after children?

The Share Foundation obtains independent advice from financial advisers about how the money should be invested. When you reach 16 you will be allowed to decide how you want the money invested, if you want to do so.

When can I take the money out?

The money in a Junior ISA belongs to you, but you can’t take the money out until you are 18. You can then decide what you want to do with it. If you choose not to take the money out, the Junior ISA will automatically become a regular ISA.

No-one, other than you, can take money out.

Can someone else take the money out?

No. Only you will be able to have access to the money when you are 18. You will be asked for proof of your identity so no-one else but you can claim the funds.

How can I see how much money is in the Junior ISA or how it is performing?

Regular Junior ISA valuations are sent to your local authority, and you can obtain a balance from them.

Alternatively your Local Authority can enable copies of statements to be sent to your carer directly for you to see.  If you would like to discuss details of the statement further, ask your carer to ask the local authority to arrange for The Share Foundation to hold your contact details. There's a letter to download here to help them to give permission to arrange this.

Can I get advice and support on how to understand my money better as part of the scheme?

Yes - a programme of financial education support is available to you. Materials for young people in care, as well as Local Authorities, Corporate Parents and carers have been developed by pfeg and are available via or the pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) website at

Telephone support is also available to advise you on further educational materials that will help you learn how to manage your money, including your Junior ISA. Call us on 01296 310400 to find out more.

Is it possible to contact The Share Foundation and get further information?

Further information on the scheme and copies of all materials can be obtained from this website or by calling the number below.

Only general information can be provided until you or your carer have been introduced to us by the Local Authority.

You can call 01296 310400, send us a message or write to:

The Share Foundation,  Elsinore House, 43 Buckingham Street, Aylesbury HP20 2NQ