Keeping you informed

As the key link between The Share Foundation and children and young people in care, it is very important to us that you are kept fully informed with the progress of their accounts: both at individual and summary levels. It's our objective to provide just the right amount of information to enable you to keep carers and young people up to date with progress.

We have therefore arranged to receive special quarterly reports from the Junior ISA providers we work with in order to provide regular information on current values. At an individual level this means that we can show progress since the account was opened on:

  • When contributions were credited, including their value and including the Government's opening £200.

  • The current value of the account, including changes in its investment value.

  • The balance of cash and investments within the account. 

We will also provide links to the financial capability part of the program, relevant to the young person's age.

At a summary level we've agreed the following information for local authorities:

Total children notified as per previous report
New children notified by your Local Authority
New monies from national/regional government
local authority
children leaving the scheme
Reaching 18 - accounts claimed
Death/terminal illness
Return to parental care
Increase in the valuation of existing accounts during the period
Current children / valuation

In addition to these regular reports you're welcome to call our helpline, 01296-310400 (9am-5pm Mondays-Fridays except bank holidays), if you can't find the information you need on the website.