Full list of Local Authorities by nation, and their currently active Junior ISAs and CTFs

The lists below show the local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland and, in Northern Ireland, Health & Social Care Trusts, together with the number of open Junior ISAs and CTFs relevant to each. All local authorities throughout the United Kingdom are now enrolled in the scheme, and the lists below will be updated periodically. Please bear in mind that CTF numbers continue to build as the reconciliation process continues, but that these numbers only relate to those without a ‘person in a position of parental responsibility’.

We estimate that there are a further c. 26,000 CTF accounts held for young people in care with a responsible adult, and we suspect that very large numbers of these are lost to the young person concerned and their responsible adult. Local Authorities should therefore actively check to ensure that they know with which account provider the CTF is held.

There is also a full analysis of those aged 15-17 who are eligible to take The Share Foundation's Stepladder of Achievement, set out by nation:

England - Scotland - Wales - Northern Ireland

Progress statistics for Stepladder, by local authority participation of eligible young people, is shown here.