The Share Foundation has an ambitious but crucial goal; to create a meaningful financial investment for every child and young person in care in the UK to use when they reach eighteen to pursue positive plans and ambitions for the future.

Your support would greatly help to boost the amount provided for these disadvantaged young people, creating significantly improved life options for them. Our program has the ability to make a substantial impact, challenging convention by providing a new and enterprising solution to a long-term problem through financial education and familiarisation with savings and investment.

Through giving young care leavers both the emotional encouragement and the financial support they need to make their future dreams and plans possible, we want to help break the seemingly entrenched cycle of deprivation faced by these vulnerable young people.

The more Trust and Foundation support we can achieve, the greater amount of funding each young person receives, making a real difference to their lives. We are already engaged in discussions with a number of Trust and Foundation funders, but securing more is crucial if we are to meet our goal.

By supporting our work through your Trust or Foundation, you can help these young people achieve meaningful academic, vocational and future building outcomes. We are able to accept donations both for unrestricted national support and restricted to those young people resident in a particular region of the UK. For more details please contact Kathryn Caswell on 01296-310400, or at