Our Junior ISA partners

Two organisations help us to deliver Junior ISAs for Looked After children and young people:

  • pfeg (the Personal Finance Education Group, now part of Young Enterprise): is the UK’s leading organisation helping schools to plan and teach children and young people how to manage their money now and in the future.

    pfeg’s mission is to support education providers in giving children and young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage money. They do this by:
    • Influencing policy and practice
    • Supporting educators in teaching money matters with confidence
    • Providing education resources that will engage and inspire

  • Methods Consulting: offers a new approach to professional services.

    Methods aim to bring together the best ideas, people and partners.

    Methods help access a range of core skills and industry expertise that can help to identify new opportunities, address challenges and transform businesses. To deliver its services they use experienced professionals who come from a wide range of sectors, including technology, professional services and the public sector.

    Methods are recognised as one of the UK’s top 30 firms in their field, with more than 100 clients in healthcare, central government, local government and the private sector. Privately owned, they have been in business and remained profitable for over 20 years.

Other organisations who have played a key role in the scheme's launch, and/or work closely with Looked After children and young people, are: