We hope company directors and employees of UK companies will consider supporting The Share Foundation's work through both their CSR program and their 'Give As You Earn' payroll giving arrangements: also that employees will consider designating The Share Foundation for fund-raising events.

Because of the savings/investment character of Junior ISAs for children and young people in care, the appeal will naturally be strongest in the Financial Services industry, including the banks: but the comprehensive guidance we are providing for handling money, with pfeg's assistance, should also result in benefits for many other sectors, including Utilities and Retailing.

Most larger companies will already have a charitable giving process and will be fully aware of the tax benefits that can accrue . For those needing more information, this link to the HMRC website section for companies giving to charity might be helpful.

We would, of course, be delighted to provide a more detailed presentation to discuss the potential: please contact Kathryn Caswell on 01296-310400, or at

Please note that our preference is to give all eligible children and young people in care throughout the United Kingdom an even chance to build a worthwhile inheritance through The Share Foundation. However we will accept donations restricted by geography - by local authority or groups of local authority, or nations..