The Share Foundation

The Share Foundation was registered as a Charity on 14th February 2005 with the objects: 

  1. To relieve poverty amongst children and young people in need in accordance with Christian principles and without reference to race, creed or nationality, with a view to improving the condition of life of those for whom funding is provided.
  2. To advance the education of such children and young people in handling their financial situation in order to encourage self-sufficiency as they grow into adulthood, through improved ability to handle their own economic circumstances and to help them lift themselves and others in the communities in which they live out of poverty.

We seek to reduce the inter-generational cycle of deprivation affecting the poorest children and young people by encouraging highly targeted wealth distribution. We operate alongside Government to help children most in need by enabling additional voluntary contributions to supplement Government payments. This applies particularly to those who have little prospect of financial resources as they grow, and our focus for support is therefore children and young people in care (also known as 'Looked After').

The Share Foundation also aims to provide guidance to young people. Its help with handling money aims to foster an increasing capacity for self-sufficiency, and draws on resources developed for building financial capability.

The trustees of The Share Foundation meet regularly to assess progress, and work closely with the Department for Education in relation to the charity's central co-ordinating role in overseeing Junior ISAs for Looked After children and young people. Day-to-day administration is delegated to Gavin Oldham, Chairman of The Share Foundation.