Stepladder PLUS

If you are accepted, you will be able to earn money for every step you complete:

1. Reading and writing in everyday life (£150)
2. Using numbers in everyday life (£150)
3. Making my money work (£200)
4. Plans for my Future – 250 words on what you want to do (£250)
5. Managing my money (£350)
6. Putting my Plans into action – a mentor will help you with education, training or finding a job!! (£400)

If you are 15-17 and have been in care for 12 months or more click here to Register for Stepladder PLUS

Not Accepted?

Stepladder PLUS isn’t available everywhere in the UK. If you or your child can’t access Stepladder PLUS, click here or contact The Share Foundation for more details about eligibility on 01296 310405.