Stepladder of Achievement

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- Check to see if Stepladder Plus is available in your local authority

- Register for Stepladder Plus (only in specified local authorities)

The Stepladder of Achievement is a tailor made programme for Looked After Young People to develop financial know-how, improve reading and writing, working with numbers and life skills generally, to make you better placed to achieve your aims in adult life. Stepladder has six Steps, and you work through each one via our website which shows your progress. 

The programme offers young people the chance to have a personal mentor where it can be arranged, to help with progress and to provide support when moving on to further education, training, or employment.

In its standard form Stepladder is available in every local authority across the United Kingdom, and can also be taken by care leavers up to the age of 25. However there is also a Stepladder Plus version which pays money into your Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund account as you take the steps - see the figures in brackets after each step shown below. This is only available in local authorities where funding can be secured for the step payments. Check the roll-out across Local Authorities to see if yours is included. 

The standard Stepladder programme is open to all 15 -17 year olds who’ve been in care for at least one year and for care leavers up to 25 years of age..

Here are the steps and, for Stepladder Plus, what you earn in your Junior ISA/Child Trust Fund for each one  

1. Literacy – that is, reading and writing (£150)

2. Numeracy – that is, handling numbers (£150)

3. Financial capability (1) Making my Money Work – basic money sense (£200)

4. Plan for the future – 250 words on how you plan adult life (£250)

5. Financial capability (2) Managing my Money – an 8 week radio course with lots of money info (£350)

6. Mentoring - securing future education, employment or training, with individual help (£400)

 Benefits for young people

· Easy learning, anytime, anywhere! All you need is internet connection, then work at your own pace, measure your progress, and be rewarded for completing each step.

· Learn how to manage your money as a life skill

· Start planning for your future and consider becoming a mentor for the Stepladder of Achievement for some-one else in the future.

· Get access to guidance and support at every step of the way if required and available.

- With Stepladder Plus only, save while you learn – take the steps, make the money!

Interested?  Click here to see if your local authority is included in Stepladder Plus, but if you'd like to go ahead without delay please go direct to the main Stepladder registration login.

Any queries? Just call The Share Foundation on 01296 310400