Stepladder of Achievement

If you want to learn to manage your money and are aged 15-25, Stepladder of Achievement is online learning that can help. We can help you find a mentor to achieve each step (if you need one!) and when you complete all 6 steps, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

The Stepladder of Achievement is the place to develop your skills and confidence in managing money and making plans for the future in six easy steps!

1.     Reading and writing in everyday life

2.     Using numbers in everyday life

3.     Making my money work

4.     Plans for my future – 250 - 500 words on what you want to do

5.     Managing my money

6.     Putting my plans into action – a mentor can help you with education, training or finding a job

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Working with young people aged 15-25?

Stepladder of Achievement provides an ideal framework for supporting young people to learn about money.

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